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Welcome to Day 1 of the Creative Renewal Class!

The class is divided into four chapters and today we'll be taking a look at Chapter 1, Honoring Your Art. The chapter is comprised of several sections. Use the class navigation to move from section to section.

I've provided a complete Chapter 1 pdf file for you to download and print. You'll be using this pdf file to do the written exercises for Chapter 1: Chapter 1 pdf file

You can work at your own pace to make this class fit with your schedule. But please, do the work! To get the highest benefit from the class, you must commit to doing the work.

You won't need to turn in any homework, but I do have some forms for you to submit and I'll provide instructions on how to do that.

Thank you for being a part of this class! I'm proud of you for making the committment to establish a better connection with your creativity!